Choosing The Best Shoes For Parkour

It's hard to pick the hands down best pair of shoes for Parkour because we all have different feet and preferences. But these 10 pairs are without a doubt some of the best.

Your footwear are going to make a huge difference in terms of both safety and performance. With good sneakers, there's less chance that you'll land badly and sustain an injury. With the right gear, you'll feel light and in control. With the wrong ones, it can sometimes feel like you're wearing cement at impact.

Minimalist versus heavy impact

FreeRunning and Parkour have become separated into different categories, but both require the same type of sneakers. If you choose the minimalist option you’ll feel like you're running, landing or springing in bare feet. Your feet will remain flexible and they will provide an improved feel of the solid ground beneath you while also offering foot stability. You will feel like you're wearing gloves on your feet. They allow your foot to flex naturally while providing protection against skin damage such as scratches.

High impact shoes offer more support and cushioning, providing a softer landing and are suitable for heavy impact training.

A Good Compromise

When you're just getting started, your feet probably won't be able to handle minimalist very well. You'll want to begin practicing with supportive and cushioned sneakers and then make a switch over gradually to ones that are more minimal so you can do tricks like these and maybe even get featured in a fun Buzzfeed article like this one.

Comfort and fit

The shoes you choose should be comfortable on your feet right from the get-go. Look for a pair that's snug, flexible and provide the sensitivity you need when your feet hit the ground. They should be lightweight enough so that your performance remains high while still protecting your feet.

Flexible and thin soles

The best sneakers will have thin and flexible soles at the bottom that are constructed in one piece. Pairs having soles with different segments that have been glued together will only last a month or two. The soles will literally start breaking apart during your training because of all the stress


Don't Miss This Option

Parkour training is pretty tough on your feet and you can't realistically count on any one pair to last more than half a year - especially if you train on a regular basis. Feiyue make excellent Parkour training shoes and they are very reasonably priced. A lot of seasoned Parkour trainers recommend them and use on them on their own feet. You'll find that you have to replace them a lot, but you also have to replace the higher-end ones that are quite expensive.

Invest in 2 sets at the beginning and don't dig down too deep into your pockets to buy them. Newcomers to this active sport often make the mistake of buying the most expensive ones available. They learn the hard way that the cheaper shoes such as Nike, New Balance, Pumas, Feiyue for martial arts and others that haven't been specifically designed for Parkour work just as well and last just as long.