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Can I Use Regular Cycling Shoes For Spin Class?

Are you new to the world of spinning? Do you want to try taking a class to see if this is the right workout for you? If so, you'll have to know what type of gear you'll need before heading out to the gym. A spinning shoe is a type of cycling footwear but not [...]

Does Indoor Cycling Require Special Shoes?

This is a question that is often sent in to me. I know I have covered it in the past, but I feel that it's worth reiterating and trying to approach the answer from a slightly different angle to help clear up some confusion. This all depends on the type of indoor cycling that you're [...]

Are Nike’s Cycling Shoes Good For Spin Class?

While Nike used to make some excellent spinning shoes, the company is no longer in the business of creating any type of cycling shoes at all. The last time you could get your hands on them was back in 2008 before they completely discontinued their entire line. If you're a die-hard Nike enthusiast it's time [...]

Does Shimano Make Good Spinning Shoes?

For many spinning enthusiasts, it's Shimano or nothing. While there are many other brands to choose from, this is by far the company that makes one of the top quality shoes for indoor spinning. You can count on any of their pairs to last for many years and provide a comfortable fit in a stunning [...]

Where To Buy Discounted Spinning Shoes

When you start looking at the various spinning shoes that are available you'll come across a wide range of prices. If you're on a budget and still want to get a decent pair you'll want to look at places that offer them at a discounted price. We have already done the work for you, however. [...]

How To Get The Right Spin Shoes For A Specialized Bike

All Specialized bikes, whether they are indoor or road, use the SPD cleat system. So you don't necessarily need to buy the Specialized brand to fit properly on the bike. Any shoe that attaches to an SPD pedal will work. Here is a list of spinning shoes for you to choose from. Are you ready [...]

How To Choose The Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

Welcome to the world of spinning where the exercise is intense and the benefits are profound. It's fantastic to get your feet in place and get the spinning motion started with a group of like-minded individuals that are focused on one thing only. You're ready to put your feet in place and get started but [...]

Good Men’s Shoes For Spinning Class

Since there aren't a lot of manufacturers that produce high-quality men's spinning shoes, it's quite easy to narrow down your selection. You'll be able to choose the style you want knowing that you'll get quality that works perfectly for spin every time. The top brands include: Venzo Gavin Shimano Pearl iZUMi Louis Garneau Giro Zol [...]

Ladies, Here’s How To Find The Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

If you're one of the many women that take a spinning class it's important to get great footwear that provides durability, flexibility and comfort. With so many different brands available, it can be confusing trying to find the right type. If you've been looking on the Internet trying to find the perfect one and have [...]

The 10 Most Recommended Shoes For Spinning

Pro Tip: You will need to attach clips to the shoes and very few include them with the purchase. These are the standard indoor cycling clips that will fit 90% of the indoor pedals in the gym. Shimano SHWM83 - Specifically designed for a woman's foot and a very popular option for spinning class to [...]