Here Is What To Wear On Your Feet To Practice Zumba On The Carpet

Running , tennis and Zumba shoes aren't going to help you cut the rug when you're dancing on your living room carpet. These shoes have been designed with a grip on them and even sneakers that have been specially designed for dance have too much of a grip to be used on carpeting.

A pair of good Zumba shoes to use on carpet.

Although a rug isn't the best place to be doing workouts, it seems that this is the place where they are most often done since a lot of people are working out to a DVD or playing it on the Wii.

Check Out Salsette Footwear

These may be your best option for working out on the rug but they don't work well on hardwood floors or on other types of hard flooring that you'd commonly see at an exercise studio. While these are perfect dance shoes on carpet, you will have to invest in a separate pair if you're planning on dancing on both surface types.

Salsette shoes offer quite a bit of arch support and are very comfortable. You may want to try wearing thick socks with them to provide even more support. You shouldn't have to pay more than $30 for a pair, on average.

Carpet Sliders & Gliders

There is a wide variety of sliders available that you'd simply slip over your sneakers before you start exercising. These work great as long as they last but they do tend to break apart easily. They're much like a piece of satin that has been made specially to go around the shoes. You'll have to make sure that you find the right size glider though since some people have ordered the one-size-fits-all and weren't able to get them on very easily.

Another thing that you can do that works a lot like carpet sliders is to take a pair of pantyhose, cut them up and then slip a piece over your shoes. If you find that the pantyhose work, you can either keep using them or upgrade to these carpet sliders when you're ready.


Some enthusiasts are wearing socks to do their routines but a lot of people do have some problems with them. You may end up getting a lot of holes in your socks even before a half hour of dancing is up or you may find that your socks simply slide off your feet in the middle of a dance.

If you are going to try doing you workout in your socks you'll want to select a pair that is tight-fitting and thick enough to resist getting holes from the friction.

Bare feet

This isn't a bad option. A lot of people are dancing in their bare feet on the rug since they find that their socks fall off while they're doing their exercises and that every brand, yes even your favorite Nike Zumba dance shoes offer too much traction. Some people wouldn't have it any other way and claim that the barefoot option is absolutely the best!

Another thing that you can try, instead of purchasing Zumba shoes for carpet, is a pair of slippers that have velvet on the bottom. These would have to be a good quality of slipper though and something that covers the whole foot versus a slip on.