These Are Some Of The Best Sneakers For Kids That Want To Do Parkour

Introducing your children to Parkour at an early age will give them the best training possible for the future. Kids are naturally built to scale walls, jump over obstacles and perform high-impact landings.

Give a kid a tree to climb and he'll be up it in no time and jumping without hesitation from a branch to the ground. If you are a parent and are into this fantastic sport, don't hesitate to get your kids involved as well. They're sure to love it!

What They Should Wear On Their Feet

It's just as important to select the right Parkour shoes for kids as it is for adults. If you select the wrong ones, your children can slip on their wall runs or receive bone bruises from heavy impact jumping. Here's an overview of what makes for a good sneaker for training runs.

You'll need to select sneakers that strengthen your children's feet instead of weakening them. Weak feet can lead to a number of back, knee and ankle problems. Here are some of the best ones that are suitable for kids of any age.


These are great for children since they offer a good fit, flexibility, good traction and come in a number of different stylish colors. The Big Kid XT Wings provide such features as breathable mesh, antimicrobial treatment and a Contragrip outsole.


sketchersThe Speedez-Drifters Sneakers are perfect for younger children that have not yet perfected the skill of tying laces. The shoes come with a Velcro closure and elastic laces so that they can be slipped on easily. When choosing make sure that you purchase a pair that fit snugly so that they'll remain on their feet.

These Skechers also feature rubber non-marking outsoles and a lightly padded collar and tongue for protection and comfort.

Feiyue Kungfu

These shoes are perfect for Parkour and Feiyue shoes are a common choice for both adults and children. They are lightweight and help your them get stronger yet offer them the sensitivity needed to allow them to feel the ground. They offer great protection and will keep up with the fast pace. Best of all, they are an inexpensive choice that's good for your pocketbook.

Since children are constantly growing, it's never a good idea to invest too much in their sneakers. Look for recommended options that are reasonably priced yet proven winners when it comes to the performing the skill and art of Parkour.