The Newest And Best New Balance Shoes For Zumba

New Balance has released a sneaker made just for your favorite form of exercise. It was first released in 2013 across the United States and Canada. Anyone that's been using this brand (it's my favorite btw) up until now and has had good success with them should be extremely excited about these in that they promise everything you'd ever want in dance :ripple="false"footwear.

The Older Models

New Balance wx797v2 sneaker.

Up until this year there have been a NB shoes that have been used for intense dance but they don't come anywhere close to these ones. The cross trainers 813 and the Minimus 20 have long been used by people doing these intensive workouts because they have offered exceptional shock absorption along with great lateral stability.

They were and still are flexible footwear that provides a lot of cushioning, but they have been missing one vital thing, one thing that all of the top shoes for Zumba have. It is the pivot point that is so crucial to doing these extreme dance moves.

Introducing The Official NB Zumba Shoe

The 867 is called the official one by the company. It introduces a pivoting technology they created to facilitate better movement. Besides being a great shoe for dancing, they can also be used as cross trainers.

Excellent Lateral Support

Don't expect your ankles to roll over in these. The extra support will keep you on your feet but at the same time you won't have to worry about them being heavy at all. They are lightweight, weighing in at only 7.1 ounces. The breathability is great since they are made with a mesh upper and you'll find great cushioning throughout the length of the foot.

As with all rubber soled footwear you shouldn't use them on carpet. Invest in a pair of carpet gliders or go barefoot if you workout in the living room or on anything but hardwood.

Multiple Different Widths For Every Foot

One of the best things that can be said about these is they are available in multiple widths. This can be hard to find in Zumba gear for women. It can create quite a problem for women with wider feet that still want to explore dance and all of the health benefits it provides.

The doors are now open to these new sneakers and you're sure to hear some great reviews about them in the months to follow. New Balance has been working on this pivoting technology to provide something that's just as exciting in shoes as the workout is. They finally caught up with the Ryka but it remains to be seen if dancers will give up their beloved Studio D for them. Time will tell.

Quick update: Now that these sneakers have been on the market for some time, there are lot's of first hands experiences to share with you. They have not replaced Ryka as the preferred footwear, but they have defintely become a favorite for anyone that already loves the brand, like myself. Give them a shot! I think you'll love the way they make your feet feel and how easy they are to dance in.