Are Nike’s Cycling Shoes Good For Spin Class?

While Nike used to make some excellent spinning shoes, the company is no longer in the business of creating any type of cycling shoes at all. The last time you could get your hands on them was back in 2008 before they completely discontinued their entire line.

If you're a die-hard Nike enthusiast it's time to move on and look elsewhere. Your best bet is to start looking at the Shimano lineup since they are one of the most highly-regarded. The Shimano line is based on extensive research on foot position and alignment on spinning bikes and are offered at an extremely reasonable price. You can also check out this list of the 10 best spinning shoes.

What Happened?

Nike ended the relationship that they had with Trek back then and put the topic of manufacturing further cycling gear under review. They also added that they would continue in their efforts to produce and develop elite level sporting gear for cyclists that were sponsored by Nike. This specialized gear would only be available to sponsored athletes and the rest of the population would have to look elsewhere.

Not fair right? It just shows you how important branding is to large companies, even if you and I can't buy the products.

This pullback occurred due to the difficulties they had in establishing themselves in the cycling and spinning world. Popular brands such as Shimano, Castelli and Sidi were taking center stage at the time and continue to dominate to this day.

Don't Worry, You Have Plenty Of Options

A lot of consumers were upset by this decision, to say the least. There are a lot of individuals and sports enthusiasts worldwide that live by the motto "It's Nike or nothing!" when it comes to their footwear. They have a certain appeal a certain way of designing footwear that no other competitor can match, and many cyclists had to turn to other companies in order to find spd compatible footwear options that they would find as comfortable.

Fortunately, spinning is very different from running and finding a comfortable shoe is usually a lot easier. Since the bike will be remaining in a stationary position and your feet will be strapped to the bikes pedals, you don't need to feel comfortable walking in the shoes at all. Most consumers were easily able to make the transition over to the more popular brands as they said goodbye to the Nike cycling shoe line forever.