7 Sneakers From Nike That Are Perfect For Zumba

Ever since Nike discontinued the Musique they haven't offered a trainer that was made specifically for Zumba. While that's disappointing they do still make shoes that are suitable for dance class. The list below are your best bets.

The Nike Flex Experience Run 4 in purple and black.
  1. What has easily become the most popular sneakers are the Nike Flex. They're pictured to the right and Nike fans are raving about their freedom of movement and how comfortable they are even though they aren't designed as a dance shoe.
The next most popular are the:
  1. Sideline - With their spin spot and low profile sole your dancing moves won't be inhibited by a wide heel or a forefoot that gets too much traction when you're trying to do your spin moves. These are actually designed as a cheer leading sneaker but they offer everything a Zumba dancer could need for a great price.

I'm not crazy about the next five pairs but I do want to give you more than two options. If you absolutely must have Nike's I understand.

But if you can be a bit more flexible the list of sneakers on this page will be much easier to dance in and you'll be much less likely to get injured because they have been designed specifically for dance.

  1. Flex Supreme TR
  2. Free TR 5
  3. Flyknit Zoom Agility
  4. Cross Bionic 2
  5. Zoom Fit

With so many different options to choose from, how do you know where to start? For many, the answer is simple. People that are already accustomed to wearing Nike sneakers that wouldn't ever consider wearing another type of shoe are looking first at this list.

Nike Flex

The Flex has become one of the most popular for exercise enthusiasts. The flex wasn't actually designed for studio but it has become a ragingly popular with dancers thanks to its very comfortable fit and how easy they are to dance in.

It's very lightweight with lot's of cushioning in the heel and forefoot which makes it a great choice. More importantly, it's made for natural freedom of movement which is perfect for dance class.

Sideline 3

The Sideline II Zumba sneakers from Nike are available in white or matte silver and have a Phylon midsole and flex grooves internally for more flexibility. They work great on a variety of different surfaces and can be used for dancing or for cheerleading.

One of the best things about them is they are very competitively priced when compared to many of the other shoes on the market.

The next five recommendations are all ones that have been discontinued, but you can still find them. These were incredibly popular so I'm not sure why Nike stopped making. Check places like ebay and keep an eye out for them at your local outlets. If you really like them get two or three pairs of them and only wear them in the dance studio.

Musique 3

These are available in gray, black or vivid pink. They are a low-profile shoe with a lot of support and flexibility, which is definitely what you'll need when you're working out. They also have a spinnable non-marking rubber pivot point that works well on most studio surfaces. They are made of mesh and synthetic leather to provide breathability without compromising on support.

Musique IV WMNS

These offer a bit more support than the Musique III with a mid-foot strapping. While you'll hear a lot about the Musique III you might not find a lot of reviews about these since they are quite new on the market. These are also a low-profile sneaker with the added bonus of an enhanced radius edge to help with lateral transitions.

Musique IV Fitness

These are also relatively new shoes made of synthetic leather and a lightweight mesh complete with mid-foot strapping. The Musique IV footwear is double-lasted for added low-profile stability.

Musique IV Dance

These are available only in black or white but they are definitely a good looking option. They come with all of the regular features you'd expect in Nike Zumba shoes but have a different look to them that you may prefer.

Shox - Not Recommended

I see these a lot in class and I wanted to mention them. I'm not sure why they are as popular as they are because they are terrible for Zumba. They are well cushioned, but the tall and narrow heel is awful for lateral stability. They are designed for running in a straight line and put you at high of risk for rolling your ankle during side to side moves.

Since Nike is a trustworthy and popular brand, you really can't go wrong by investing in any of the choices above and for the most part the Musique III have proven themselves to be one of the most, if not the most popular chosen by dance enthusiasts. If you’re a man, however, you're going to have to look elsewhere for your footwear since Nike still hasn't incorporated a man's line into their lineup.