Check Out This List Of The 10 Best Shoes For Parkour Training

Keep in mind twhen reading this list that there is no perfect pair of sneakers for Parkour that everyone is going to love. We all have different feet and our own personal preferences, especially when it comes to brands. With that said, the below options are ten of the best sneakers.

Nike Free Run - Flexibility and durability combined with a solid grip for smooth wet surfaces make this our top choice for heavy impact training. The shoes provide enough padding to make landings a lot softer.

option2Vibram Five Fingers - These are just as they sound - like a glove for your feet. They are best for experienced traceurs since they do not offer a lot of support. When you have your feet strengthened, they will bring your training to the next level.

option3Puma Faas 500  - These are long-lasting, durable sneakers that provide an amazing grip. If you're having trouble with your grip on wet and smooth surfaces, these are the shoes you should try next.

Feiyue Martial Arts -Choose these when you're looking for cheaper but don't want to sacrifice performance. Many seasoned Parkour enthusiasts will only use these because they offer such a great value. Just be prepared to replace them every couple months.

Nike Dart 10 – A stiffer type option, this trainer offers a decent grip and good durability. If you prefer stability (a good idea for rank beginners) these may be a very good option for you.

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate - These are another popular choice. They are a bit stiff and very supportive. They work very well for high impact training, helping to protect your ankles, knees, and hips from impact.

Kalenji - These shoes are your best bet if you are training on a budget. They are priced right and while they may not be as good as some of the sneakers listed above, they are a good jumping off point for people that aren't sure whether they will be committed to the sport and just want to try it out.

FiveTen - These offer one of the best grips available. They're good for intense training on slippery surfaces.

Know Obstacles - This company made the first sneakers that were specifically designed for Parkour. You might want to try these ones out for yourself to discover whether they are the right fit for you.

Vivobarefoot Neo - Bring your feet to life with these sneakers that are minimalistic in style but still provide all the gripping comfort you'd want. These shoes work for both pros and newcomers to FreeRunning and Parkour.

Athletes are gathering on forums to discuss what they find to be the best Parkour shoes. We have looked at these forums and have come to the conclusion that there is no perfect shoe that will work for everybody. It all depends on the structure of your feet, what you feel most comfortable wearing and your goals and proficiency. We have gathered together the top 10 Parkour shoes so that you can find the ones that best fit your needs and your feet.