The Ryka Dash Is A Durable Walking Shoe For People With Moderate Foot Pain

Do you need a walking sneaker that's a good compromise between lightweight and durable? The Dash may be the perfect fit for you. At eight and a half ounces it's not the lightest shoe, but it's nowhere near enough heft to slow you down.

More Support For Big Frames

What do gain from that extra weight? A sneaker that offers you more support and can reduce foot pain.

So if you're still working off some extra pounds, you should at least try these on and take them for a quick walk around the store to see how they feel on your feet.

The thicker midsole and solid rubber outsole will give you plenty of traction. The extra padding and cushioning should help to relieve foot pain and allow you to get your walk in without your feet starting to hurt and swell before you are able to log your miles.

What did consumer have to say? "Extremely comfortable from the start," said one, while another praised them as "very cushiony and airy when you first put them on."

Where To Buy

dashIf you're looking to get them for the lowest price, and you're not terribly picky about the color, you can get them here on Amazon for about $40. Some sizes and styles are as low as $22. But you'll have to get lucky and have good timing.

Update: Just found them here on 6pm for $27.

If you're hard to fit or want a large selection choose from, Zappos is going to be your best best. They're not the cheapest, but they do usually have the largest selection of colors and sizes.