Reviews Of The Best Zumba Dance Sneakers From Ryka

Ryka doesn’t just make good Zumba dance shoes for women, the make fantastic ones!

They have been developed based on a woman's foot shape with a smaller width in the heel area and more width at the forefront. Due to their exceptional and consistent comfort, they havebeen rated at the top time and time again.

Women's Studio D

Ryka Influence shoe for dance class.

By far, the Studio D shoe has been the most popular choice compared to the other sneakers they offer for dance. If you have to make a choice between the company’s lineup of shoes, these should be the first ones to look at, based on their popularity.

When something becomes as well known and talked about as much as this one has, you know that there has to be something great about them.

The Studio D can be used for your workouts as well as for aerobics. They are lightweight and breathable that is easy to pivot. If you have had any knee problems in the past, this may end up being the right choice for you.

Women's Synergy

The Ryka Synergy is also lightweight with a leather, mesh and synthetic upper that makes for great breathability. They have a strap with a hook and loop closure, which allows you to make them snug when you are looking for a perfect fit.

They are a perfect second choice if you find that the Studio Ds turn out not to be the perfect workout companion. They look slick and come in some really funky colors. You'll get great arch support with them and will have no trouble pivoting at all.

Ryka Transition Fitness

The Transitions can be used for anything from running to Zumba but like all the sneakers on this page they are not the best for dancing on carpet. They hug your feet curves perfectly and come with a foam high-density core. They are extremely breathable and cushioned but best of all they can transition from one sport to another without a problem.

Some people that have ordered these sneakers say that they feel like slippers and that they are easy for pivoting. As far as dance footwear go, you can't go wrong with these ones.

Transition Cross Trainers

While some women think these are hands down the best shoes for Zumba, there are enough others saying that they don't provide enough cushioning and that you may want to stick with the others listed above. Some people that have been using the sneakers have described the padding as being insufficient even though the rest of the shoe felt comfortable.

As you look through different forums and message boards, you're sure to see the name Ryka come up over and over again. While there are lots of different sneakers available, Ryka shoes for Zumba are definitely one of the options that is competing for top honors.