Does Shimano Make Good Spinning Shoes?

For many spinning enthusiasts, it's Shimano or nothing. While there are many other brands to choose from, this is by far the company that makes one of the top quality shoes for indoor spinning.

You can count on any of their pairs to last for many years and provide a comfortable fit in a stunning style. This is also one of the only companies that offers cycling shoes in a wider fit.

The perfected compliment to a tough class

It's not surprising to see that Shimano offers some of the most highly rated offerings for shoes for spinning. They were first established back in February 1921 when the founder, Shozaburo Shimano, began producing the bicycle free wheel. At the time, free wheels were the most difficult bicycle components to produce requiring high technology for precision results.

Since that time the company has expanded its range of technology in the biking field. If you've been doing any research about them you must have run across the term "SPD pedal", where the PD stands for Pedaling Dynamics. This innovative product, which was released in 1991, features a small cleat that can fit into the recess on the sole. When a pedal has an SPD design it is also known as a clipless pedal and many spinners prefer to use this option for intense spin classes.

The Shimano lineup

The company prides itself on offering top-quality gear for both men and women. If you visit any of the online bicycle stores or retail outlets like Amazon, you'll always see amazing reviews for Shimano SPD shoes. They set the standard that other companies need to meet in order to stay competitive.

Even though they are top-of-the-line, they aren't aren't outrageously priced. The company is a back-to-nature type of old-school business that is dedicated to getting people back into the outdoors by offering quality products that are geared towards nature lovers. The company's main focus is on fishing and biking gear and equipment. The prices on these shoes are reasonably priced - especially for those of us on a budget.

You can never go wrong by choosing Shimano SPD for your spin class. They are world-class and have a global reputation for quality and comfort. While there are many other brands that can be considered excellent, this brand has years of reputation in the biking industry that has led to its phenomenal success with spinning shoes.