The Best Shoes To Wear To Zumba Class

With so many styles, makes, and models available, it can be hard to decide what shoes for Zumba classes are the best. One of the things that you should find out first is the type of dance floor that you'll be on since all floors require a different grip.

5 Features Of Proper Footwear

A pair of good shoes to buy for Zumba class.

The instructor of the class probably gets asked all the time what they recommend and they are your best resource. They will have the best answer because they are intimately familiar with the floor in their studio.

If you've signed up for a new class you can leave a message for the instructor to call you back and ask the question. Before investing a lot of money into a new pair of sneakers, you’ll want to know which ones are best suited for the type of floor you're going to be dancing on.

1. Grip Is The Most Important Feature

This is a sliding type of dance so you'll need footwear that don't offer a lot of grip. Running and tennis sneakers aren't going to work since they have been designed with excellent grip designed to keep you running. Properly designed footwear have some grip but not too much, so that you can stop easily when you need to or slide at a moment’s notice when the beat changes.

2. Shock Absorption Is Key

Shoes that offer a lot of shock absorption will help you avoid injury and will keep you light on your feet. Without extra absorption available for the impacts you'll receive during the dance moves, your feet can easily get bruised and you may even end up missing your next dance class.

3. Zumba Footwear Usually Has A Spin Spot

Shoes that have been made specifically for Zumba have a spin spot on them that allows you to twist and turn easily. You'll need to be able to do this twisting action fast and without a lot of grip holding you back to avoid injuries. Without this type of spot your body will be turning while your foot is still in the same place, which can put a lot of pressure on your ankles and knees.

4. Don't Get Bulky Footwear

You don't want to have heavy feet weighing you down when you're exercising. Most of the dance shoes for women don't weigh a lot and are advertised as being lightweight.

5. Split Soles Will Make Dancing Easier

Some sneakers come with split soles that offer two separate soles: one for the heel and one for the toes and the ball of the foot. With these shoes the arch has a special support keeping it off the floor. They have been designed this way so that they are more flexible and the foot can point and arch in different ways. You can do more with this type of flexibility than you could with other sneakers.

When you first put on a pair of specialized dance fitness footwear expect them to feel quite different than the ones that you regularly wear. They have been designed to fit differently. Once you have them on during your class you'll fully understand why they were made this way and will greatly appreciate the comfort and flexibility they provide. This is how you’ll get through your workout with minimum discomfort.