How To Get The Right Spin Shoes For A Specialized Bike

All Specialized bikes, whether they are indoor or road, use the SPD cleat system. So you don't necessarily need to buy the Specialized brand to fit properly on the bike. Any shoe that attaches to an SPD pedal will work. Here is a list of spinning shoes for you to choose from.

Woman working hard on a exercise bike.Are you ready to do some spinning? Do you have your equipment all packed and ready to go? If so, get ready for the ride of your life. If not, get your gear together soon! This is an addictive workout that gets you into action with a high paced instructor that's ready to keep you motivated throughout the entire class.

Every gym has its own type of cycles and once you've found the right facility that you want to go to on a regular basis, you'll need to find out what type of bike they are using and what type of pedals they have.

There are two types of pedals that use 2 different designs. The first is called a "Look cleat pedal" and the second is known as an "SPD pedal". Your gym may use one of these types or it may use a combination of both. When you know what kind of pedals are on the bikes you'll be able to easily get the right type of footwear for it.

SPD pedal

This is the type that you need for a specialized bike. This type of pedal often has a regular flat pedal on one side and then a SPD design on the other.

This means that people that are just trying out spinning for the first time can still use their regular sneakers to give it a whirl while seasoned spinning riders can use their SPD compatible footwear to keep their feet attached to the bike.

The "Look" pedal

Like the SPD system, the Look design is also based on a clipless cleat. The biggest difference between this one and the SPD model is the Look cleat is a lot bigger than the other. It's actually about 3X times as large!

Both kinds of pedals can be adjusted so that the tension is either increased or decreased when you clip in. This gives you the chance to find the perfect tension for your foot. You may find as you refine your technique that you want a firmer foothold on the pedals to increase your speed.

Both of these cleats can be unclipped by twisting out the heel. With the Look pedal you'll be pulling your foot straight out while the SDP (which is Specialized spin shoe compatible) system provides an optional design in their cleats so that your foot can be released in any direction.

While this makes it easier to detach from the pedal, you'll need to make sure that you have extra tension on the shoe to make sure that it doesn't accidentally become detached while you're working out.

One of these pedals isn't necessarily better than the other; they just require different equipment. Knowing which one you need is half the battle when you're looking for the right footwear to fit the bike. You'll see a wide selection of shoes that can fit into one or the other specially designed pedals. But don't worry, you’ll have plenty of top quality brands to choose from.

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