Ladies, Here’s How To Find The Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

If you're one of the many women that take a spinning class it's important to get great footwear that provides durability, flexibility and comfort. With so many different brands available, it can be confusing trying to find the right type. If you've been looking on the Internet trying to find the perfect one and have become confused through your efforts, here are some basics that will help you pull it all together so that you do end up with proper ones for spin.

A full spin class working hard.Once you have the basics down you might be interested in seeing our list of top 10 list of indoor spinning shoes.

It's not a fashion statement

One of the first things that you need to get out of your mind is the need to find aesthetically pleasing footwear that you may want to wear outside of the spinning class. They are built to give you the support and comfort you need while you're sitting on the bike and nowhere else. Once you are finished with your workout most cycling footwear will be put away and won’t be worn anywhere else.

Aesthetics should be the last thought on your mind when you're looking for the best spinning shoes for women. You're not trying to make a fashion statement and neither are any of the other spinning participants. You're looking for the best fitting option that you can wear on the bike and nothing else.

When you're shopping for running sneakers, you will have your choice of good looking options to choose from. You can purchase sneakers that you can wear for a marathon and then put the same one back on to go for a stroll at the mall. This is not the case with indoor cycling so keep that in mind when you're shopping around for a new pair.

Understanding the design

Spin footwear is made differently from any other on the market. There are threaded holes built into the soles at the bottom so that a clip or cleat can be attached. This clip attaches to the pedal on the bike so that there's no chance that your foot falls off when you're spinning. This cleat gives you the confidence to go as fast as you possibly can without fear of your foot slipping in any direction.

The shoes are also built to allow for greater air circulation for the feet and the fabric used to create them is more absorbent yet thinner than what you'd find in regular sneakers.

Men's versus women's spin footwear

One brand of cycling shoe will offer better choices for men than for women and vice versa. If you're looking for an excellent choice for a man, don't automatically assume that the same company makes a great pair for women. They are completely different and should not be compared.

If you're a female indoor cycling enthusiast you'll want to read more about the great lineup of that is offered for women only and ignore any reviews from men.

Your search for the perfect footwear

Your search for the perfect pair should start with the brands listed below:

  • Shimano
  • Pearl
  • SIDI
  • Giro
  • Louis Garneau

These are the highest ranked and best-selling according to the Amazon website and other top cycling sites. All of these shoes for spinning offer exceptional quality and will bring your cycling efforts up to a brand-new level.

Woman smiling on an exercise bike.The woman's Shimano SH-WR35 in particular has recently received glowing reviews with a number of people saying that they were the most comfortable they had tried on.

The cleats are sold separately but they easily attach, holding you firmly to the pedals. If you take the cleats off of these however, they shouldn't be worn as every day footwear. Keep them as your specialized spinning shoes so that they maintain the integrity of their shape and don't receive any wear and tear from walking or running.

Indoor cycling shoes come with solid grips that help hold your shoes in one place on the pedals and when combined with cleats you'll have the assurance that your foot will stay in place. You’ll end up getting much more out of every session you attend. Some shoes require the purchase of separate cleats that offer the clipping feature on them.

It doesn't really matter what type you purchase though, whether they come with built-in cleats or not, as long as they feel comfortable and serve their purpose. Running shoes are okay if you are just getting started and want to test out the waters first before committing to spinning classes on a regular basis.

Once you've become addicted to this amazing sport, however, it's time to move up the ladder and invest in women spinning shoes that have been specifically designed to help you get the best workout possible every time you enter the gym and saddle up on the bike.