Can I Use Regular Cycling Shoes For Spin Class?

Are you new to the world of spinning? Do you want to try taking a class to see if this is the right workout for you? If so, you'll have to know what type of gear you'll need before heading out to the gym.

A spinning shoe is a type of cycling footwear but not all cycling shoes make a good fit for spin bikes. If you're serious about taking up this intense workout program that can burn anywhere from 400 to 600 calories per session, get the right gear for your feet. It's an investment that you won't question once you hop on the bike and feel the comfort and security of having your feet locked into place. Here are some good places to pick them up online.

Cycling versus spinning footwear

If you already have a good pair of cycling shoes, you know that there's a huge difference between the options that are available. If you ride a mountain bike and take your time touring the sights as you cycle, you'll need different shoes then you would require for speed cycling on an even terrain.

You'll be riding a bike and maintaining the same position on it every time while your focus is set on acquiring a faster speed in order to burn more calories. You'll need spinning shoes that have been designed especially for this purpose.

The type you need

It's essential that you can clip onto the pedals. As the flywheel rotates, the last thing that you'll want to have happen in the middle of a workout is to lose control. By keeping your feet locked securely in place you'll be able to get a more intense workout.

Each gym will have its own type of pedals on the bikes so before investing any money into a good pair you’ll want to talk to the instructor. A lot with the spinning classes that are offered at local gyms use what's called a Look pedal or a SPD pedal or a combination of both. Many facilities have bikes that are equipped with a double-sided pedal with SPD clips on one side and Look clips on the other.

Spinning shoes are light and airy so that your feet can breathe during the exercise. Velcro is used to keep the fabric in place so that your feet don't have the chance to slide around and cause blisters. They come with stiffer soles to make sure that enough power is transferring over from your foot to the pedal.

Bottom line is that you have a lot of different options. You can explore all of them here at this link on