These Are The Top Rated Womens Shoes For Zumba

When you have the right footwear you won't ever have to miss a beat that's blasting the calories out of your body. You'll want to wear sneakers that have been designed to help you slide, shake and shimmy across the dance floor without injuring yourself.

What Shoes Should You Buy

Cool pair of burnt orange womans shoes to wear for fitness dance classes.

There are Zumba shoes for women available right at the brands website but most of us ladies are looking elsewhere because they feel that those are priced too high.

While the options at are pretty good, they're expensive and don't tend to last as long as many other options. If you're wondering what kind of footwear to use, here are some of the better investments for your money when it comes to quality, comfort and long-term wearability.

Women's Nike FREE Run

Cute pink and white pair of Nike Flex sneakers.

Although these haven't been specifically designed to be a dance shoe, a lot of us are using them with great results.

The bottoms is smooth and can glide you across a variety of different floor coverings. They come in a wide range of different colors that include crazy bright colors that are perfect for the atmosphere of most classes.

Capezio Dance

This offering from Capezio fits the bill for any active woman. They have been designed for dancing and feature the regular shoe requirements you'd need for this type of workout including the box-toe type of design that keeps you on your toes longer.

Unisex NRG Wave

When you need extra stability the NRG Wave provides it while remaining lightweight and comfortable. These exercise shoes support your arches while providing stabilization at the heel while at the same time delivering all the traction you'll need to dance safely.

Bloch Makes Great Footwear

These are also a unisex shoe but women are loving them. They are a mesh sneaker with a high arch that's specific for dancers. The Bloch is perfect for women that have a hard time with their arches and are looking for extra support. They are available in black with silver or blue highlights.

Ryka Studio Flex For Women

Ryka Influence in black.

Ryka Studio sneakers for fitness have become a favorite amongst Zumba shoes for women because of its low-profile design that’s extremely light and breathable. You can expect a lot of shock absorption with these, which works out well for people that are prone to injuries due to sudden movements with their bodies.

These are some of the sneakers for women and some of the most popular available on the market today.

All of the options mentioned above are manufactured by companies that have built up quality reputations and are known for their size rating accuracy. This means that if you wear a size 7 tennis sneaker you'll be able to choose a dance size 7 as well.