Discover The Best Shoes For Zumba

Your sneaker options are nearly limitless and that can making choosing a good pair of Zumba shoes very confusing. To help you simplify your search I have put together the below list.

Top Rated Zumba Shoes

Ryka Influence - Probably the most popular studio trainer. They offer lots of cushioning with stability at the same time. Highly recommended if you want something you can wear to the health food store for an after workout snack.

Nike Flex - Fitness dancers have fallen in love with these for being so comfortable and for offering so much freedom of movement. They may not have been designed for dancing, but they are an excellent option.

Capezio Rockit - Capezio was making dance footwear before Beto Perez invented Zumba. They know how to make a killer sneaker and have been doing so for decades.

Bloch Lightening - Just like Capezio, Bloch is synonymous with dance. Great for transitions thanks to being fully supportive while being lightweight.

Bloch DRT - Lots of room in the toe box and tons of comfort for those of us worried about high impact. They might look a little chunky but if you try them on you'll instantly notice that they don't feel that way.

Zumba Strong Sneakers Zumba Strong - These low tops, by Zumba Fly Fit, are designed to give you maximum range of motion while still being supportive. Made by Zumba so you know they're a perfect workout shoe.

New Balance Cross Trainers - A great purchase if you're not sure you want to commit to regular classes. Can easily be worn outside of the studio to the grocery store or for another workout on the treadmill.

Skechers Skech Air Extreme Skechers Skech-Air Extreme - Plenty of cushioning in the uppper part of the sneaker but lot's of support for your foot in the lower thanks to the memory foam footbed and air cushioned heel.

Ryka Grafik 2 Ryka Grafik 2 - Ryka in general is very popular with instructors but the Grafik 2 is even more popular than most. I like the large spin spot and the smooth lining inside the sneaker.

Bloch Element Bloch Element - The support you need for a high impact dance class with a spin spot to help you be a little more graceful during spins and slides. The leather and mesh upper gives you support and breathability.

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When it comes to Zumba dance sneakers there's really no #1 best for everyone. We all have slightly different feet and what's best for somebody else might not be the best choice for you. Your decision for Zumba shoes should be based on what features you need the most, including:

Here are some shoes that you can wear to Zumba class.
  • Breathability - Some of the best choices of footwear use a vent system while others are made with a mesh design to provide the breathability you need.
  • Lightweight - In order to keep weight down without sacrificing stability some of the best Zumba shoes are made of nylon mesh and utilize strategically places leather strip.
  • Ample room for your toes - Nobody like shoes that pinch their toes together and if there's not enough room in the toe box your feet are going to ache.
  • Good stability - Look for wide soles to avoid having your feet roll over during slides, turns and jumps.

The Best Brands

As you can see from the chart a lot of the top rated ones come from the same handful of companies. It seems that some brands care more about selling shoes that look cute versus ones that protect your feet and make dancing a bit safer and easier.

While what you choose will come down to your own personal choice, here are a few of the top recommended brands based on reviews from dance students as well as their coaches:


This brand tops the chart for any type of studio dance activities including Zumba. They come with an upper mesh complete with overlays of synthetic material, an Ortholite removable insert and textile lining. Ryka's provide superior cushioning for the arches making it one of the most preferred by dancers and coaches alike.


Many of their shoes have been specifically designed for Zumba and dance fitness. They offer an upper breathable mesh, a full sole and a midsole that absorbs shocks well with a special spin-spot. These sneakers have quickly become a favorite amongst enthusiasts across the country.


These are one of the best-selling Zumba shoes. They are lightweight, breathable and can include the essential pivot point that most dancers are looking for. As an added bonus, many feature soles that don't leave marks on the floor or carpeting while still providing great traction. Many of us buy them because we are already big fans of Nike and that's ok with us because they do make quality footwear.

What Footwear To Choose For Class

While most people start out by using whatever sneaker they currently have in their closet for dance classes, they quickly realize that they would benefit from Zumba shoes if they're going to continue to go to classes. It's easier to hurt yourself if you're wearing running shoes. At the very least get a pair of cross trainers. It won't take long before you end up with a sprained or twisted ankle when you attempt to move across the dance floor in your running shoes because they aren't designed to give you stability when moving side to side.

A fitness class can be extremely intense and is the perfect way to tone up and slim down at the same time. Because these exercise routines involve a lot of jumping and sliding you'll need the right arch and ankle support in order to give 100% to each class.

Only by investing in the right pair of sneakers can you be sure that you'll be able to give every class your best effort without having to hold back beause you're sliding around inside of your sneakers.

Updated Dec 29, 2018 by Jasmin