Why Your Tennis Shoes Are Not Good For A Zumba Workout

Footwear like this can hurt your legs if you use them for Zumba.

Before I tell you why regular sneakers won't work I want to make sure that I show you this list of Zumba shoes. These are your best options for dance class.

Although you may see some people advocating the use of tennis shoes, they really aren't the best choice of shoe to wear. They have been designed specifically for tennis and while they do work well for a lot of other activities, dancing unfortunately isn't one of them.

You need to have sneakers that are cushioned, provide the ability for side to side motion and give you the chance to change directions as soon as the beat changes.

5 Reasons Not To Wear Cross Training Type Footwear

Too much traction

Tennis sneakers have enough traction so that you can keep your feet square on the court without having to worry about slipping around. With Zumba, however, you need to be able to glide and tennis shoes just aren't going to allow you to slide easily. You need something with less traction for your workouts and even they have less traction than running sneakers on average, they still have too much for dancing.

No pivot point

Sneakers that have been made specifically for dancers like us have a special pivot point on them so that you can turn suddenly to keep up with the moves. Without this type of point you'll be putting too much stress on your hips, ankles and knees and can end up straining them.

Not enough arch support

Your feet are going to need a lot of arch support when you're exercising and cheap ones aren't going to cut it. Tennis sneakers don't provide the type of support you need for your arches and you'll usually end up with sore feet if you try dancing with them.

Not enough shock resistance

When you're dancing you're going to be jumping up and down and your body is going to need great shock absorbing equipment. Just like high-impact aerobics, you'll get fewer injuries when you consider the shock absorbency and look for one that will keep you protected when you're landing back on your feet after some skipping and jumping.

Not enough room for toes

The best athletic footwear needs to have extra room built into your shoes to accommodate this. Zumba shoes have extra toe room built-in so that you can rise on your feet without squishing your toes.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you shouldn't consider wearing tennis shoes to your class. Keep in mind that if the tread of the footwear looks like a tire, you shouldn't be wearing them.

I recommend that you check out this pair of New Balance for dancing or these ever popular Ryka ones. You can find both at Zappos.